Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

For many years, Rush Resources has helped numerous students gain access and win scholarships to top UK grammar schools, helped pupils boost their grades and confidence and developed comprehensive tuition programmes for students who deserve to attend a mainstream school.

See below to see some of our recent students who have made it to our prestigious Hall of Fame for their excellent 11+ successes. It could be your child next!

Hall Of Fame

Sienna Bassi

(St Paul's School for Girls in London)

When I first came to Rush I thoroughly enjoyed it, Rush is really friendly and approachable and the environment he teaches in is very comfortable. My marks In Maths really improved as I came to Rush more often. I enjoyed the experience of Rush Resources as they always found a way to make the lessons fun. The process of training with Rush Resources made an incredible difference to me as now l'm going to St Paul's School for Girls in London. I'm sure it can help other children too!

Kian Sangha

(Ilford County High School)

When I first started getting tutored by Rush Resources, I didn't even know how to multiple or divide simple fractions, and now look at me, at my dream school- (Ilford County High School.) There are some key techniques that you get to learn, and apply them in the exam, as they are less time consuming, which is the Rush way! All the grafting has paid off! Rush Resources has made me more confident in school and enhanced my ability without a doubt!

Amreeta Ghataora

(Woodford County High School for Girls)

I went to Rush for additional support and tutoring for the 11+ covering maths and Non-verbal reasoning. My levels increased by a huge percentage at school and I wouldn't have passed without his help. Rush provides practice tests and always goes over vital topics. Also, the environment was very friendly and Rush has great communication skills. I would recommend him if you wanted your child to go to a grammar school!

Julia Piatra

(Woodford County High School)

Rush you have worked so hard in shaping me into the student of Woodford County High School I am today. I thank you for being such a dedicated teacher and for all your great lessons. I know I couldn’t have got my place at Woodford County High School without the help from Rush Resources!

Ryan Curry

(King Edward VI Grammar School)

Rush Resources has been a really good tutor for the 11+ and the packs helped me solidify concepts I previously didn’t understand in the perfect exam scenario. I am dyslexic so found Maths really confusing at first but Rush tailored his lessons to suit my needs. Few people believed I could do it but Rush Resources really helped me achieve my potential and secure a position at King Edward VI Grammar School.

David Hunt

(Queen Elizabeth’s School)

These 11+ packs from Rush Resources have made complicated topics easier to understand and made me feel more confident than ever before! It feels surreal that I passed my 11+ exams and am now studying at QE School in Barnet, thanks to Rush Resources!

Sarah Chong

(Bancroft's School)

I have found Rush Resources very useful when it comes to understanding and applying various 11+ concepts. For example, when I first started my revision, I had no idea what algebra was but the maths practice packs were phenomenal in helping me practice my algebra skills in worded problem solving scenarios. This enabled me to feel more confident and do well in my 11+ exam to secure a place at Bancroft's School.

Gurav Mistry

(Ilford County High School)

I attended some of the summer courses held by Rush Resources, which I found really helped build my confidence when it came to practicing 11+ exam questions. The questions we practiced were very similar to the ones that came up in my 11+ exam and now I feel very grateful to Rush Resources for guiding me through the process as I am now studying at Ilford County High School.

Benjamin Oluwati

(Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School)

When I first started my 11+ training, I had no idea what to expect so my mum purchased some of the 11+ practice paper packs from Rush Resources. They were very easy to follow and helped me understand hard concepts I never thought I would. I have now passed my 11+ exam and studying at my dream school - Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School! If you work hard and use these great resources, I am sure you can too!

Nidhi Rathnahanda

(Woodford County High School for Girls)

I really enjoyed the lessons and we went through loads of new techniques which made working out questions so much easier and faster. I'm now attending Woodford County High and it's all because of the lessons that I took with Rush Resources!

Rayyan Ashiq

(Forest School)

Rush's lessons are very useful, we always learn new and exciting ways to do problems using the Rush method. I always enjoyed going through the papers and doing brain teasers. When I started I was getting 50% and now I have improved my scores to 90%. I will never forget you Rush.

Humairaa Mohmmed

I feel that Rush's lessons have been very beneficial. He has helped me a lot in a variety of subjects including ratio, co-ordinates, algebra and complex areas. Rush has not only made the lessons beneficial but fun. At the end of the lesson, he rewards everyone with prizes which is a nice treat. Rush has been very useful. I have managed to achieve 93% in my 11 plus Maths exams!

Alisha Shafi

(Woodford County High School)

Rush was an excellent tutor and helped us a lot in our studies. We learnt many topics such as ratio, word problems, algebra, speed, distance, time and fractions. On my first lesson I got 36% in my assessment but after going to Rush I was scoring 90%. I have now passed the 11 plus exam and will be attending Woodford County High School! Thanks Rush!

Ethan Singh

(Ilford County High School)

I have found Rush to be very inspirational as he has helped improve my exam technique and made me feel more confident. This has let me step up my marks for the 11 plus exams. I have been able to cover so many Maths topics and feel Rush has made me into the best Mathamatician possible! I will never forget Rush Resources and give them a 1000 out of 10! I am now attending Ilford County High School!

Adam Patel

(Bancroft's School)

Rush has taught me everything I know in Maths such as algebra and problem solving! He has an expert at explaining complex Scholarship questions and really helped me succeed in my 11 plus exams and secure a place at Bancrofts. I went from scoring 50% to 92% just because of Rush!

Savera Ansari

Westcliff High School for Girls

Rush really made maths fun again and made sure that I understood where I went wrong. The points system really kept me motivated with wanting to do better and take home the prize. I have now passed my 11 plus and will be going to grammar school!

Dhaanish Ali

(Brentwood School Essex)

I have found Rush's lessons so useful especially when going through exam papers. He makes things really simple by giving the best explanations ever! He really boosted my scores from getting 30% to over 80%. I found the Rush Resources pack really helpful in preparing for my exam. I have now passed my 11 plus exam and will never forget Rush!

Taran Attalia

(Bancroft's School)

On joining Rush's maths group, I had a very warm welcome to the class. He asked me about my strengths and weaknesses and helped me to improve by giving me real life questions used in past papers. He helped me so much going through things step by step the Rush way which helped me understand things much more. After weeks of practice, I felt so confident I started doing 13+ papers. Now, thanks to Rush I have received an A in one of the best private schools, Bancroft's School!

Ahmad Nisar

(City of London School for Boys)

I found Rush to be an amazing Tutor and can’t thank him enough for helping me achieve my goal. I found the 11+ packs very useful because they really helped me to understand my weaknesses and gain entry to the City of London School for Boys which I am now really enjoying.

Ismail Mustaq

(Chigwell School)

I had a brilliant time preparing for my 11 plus exam with Rush. He explained things very clearly and made the lessons fun through prizes. I think any child would benefit from having lessons with Rush Resources because the tuition and exam papers really helped me to pass my exams! I am now going to Chigwell School! Thanks Rush!