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Rush Resources Online School

  • Classes by experienced and knowledgeable Tutors​
  • Lecture Notes & Homework Provided​
  • Homework setup with Real Past Paper Questions​
  • Scholarship Questions Covered ​
  • Access to popular Rush Resources Study techniques
  • Consultancy for Parents included​
  • Interactive class with opportunity for students to ask questions
Group Class

Group Class

One to One Class

One to One Class

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Your Child is only expected to know the topics which are covered in the national curriculum framework. There is no advanced reading or preparation required so anyone can join!
    This Course is suitable for all the students appearing in 11+ exams for both grammar and independent schools. This Course is designed to cater to all students who are appearing for their 11+ exams.
    Yes, absolutely! You have the option to join the group class if you are looking for a group learning environment. Alternatively, you can choose to sign up for a one to one class, which would be specifically tailored to your child.
    • Our online payment system will navigate you to pay online via Paypal.
    • All fees are non-refundable
    You can book for as many courses as you want as long as the slots are available, and they are not overlapping to the date and time of the other Courses you wish to book. You can also book a one to one class, for which there are a greater range of times available.
    It’s small group tutoring sessions with 5 to 7 students in a class.
    This is Online live tutoring real-time sessions.  We are using, the screen is shared, and there is an audio and video. Our tutors use Digital Pen and Tablet to write and explain the concept during tutoring on a digital whiteboard. The classes are very interactive live sessions, and students can communicate with the tutor on the zoom platform.   At the end of the class, we provide homework via email. Parents can download lecture notes and homework. The parents can print the homework and give it to the child to solve with a traditional method using pen and paper. Our administrator sends a meeting number (zoom link) on mobile or email before the session time. Parents need to use the link to join the digital classroom.
    Yes, every course n is independent and self-sufficient. This means that you can sign up for a course at any time.
    • High-speed internet.
    • Good quality laptop,
    • ‘Google Chrome’ browser installed on your computer.
    • Install zoom exe from (  run and save it on your computer
    • Quiet room

    For Enquiries