Top 4 Activities for developing your Child’s Vocabulary

Top 4 Activities for developing your Child’s Vocabulary

1: Introduce Organisation

Nurture your child's helpful spirit by promoting the organization in your home. Parents should embrace this quality even though it may slow down activities. Tie in the Label Your Household activity by keeping toys, clothes, dishes, and household items in specific places. As you put things in their labeled bins and drawers, turn the process into a guessing game.

2: Describing Words.

Give the child words and get them to tell you why they chose that word. This helps them to consider why a word has been chosen as well as to fully understand the meaning of that word. Once you have done this with ‘good’ words, try it with ‘angry’ words, and ‘bad’ words, etc.

3: Word of The Day.

Pick a word of the day and explain what it means. Encourage your child to use that word as much as possible correctly. You could make a game of it and set a limit like throughout the day he must use the word five times the right way and he’ll get a treat like a sticker. Pick a new word every day and at the end of the week, if they've used their words correctly, take them out for ice cream or another special treat.

4: Sing Vocabulary Words

Develop this skill by creating funny tunes about rhyming words and counting to ten. Children constantly absorb everything they hear. The more they hear you speak, the more you can teach them. As kids get older, give them a chance to speak more and practice their burgeoning vocabulary on your.

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