11 Plus Exams Preparation

11 Plus Exams Preparation

For those

parents who would like their children to take 11 Plus exams for secondary school entrance, it is often hard to know what to use for exam preparation, so here are some useful 11 Plus resources

It is often said that practice is the best way to prepare for exams, especially as 11 Plus exams have a specific time restriction which children need to get used to. Practice, therefore, helps children not only helps children to improve accuracy but also provides key skills like exam timing.

It is essential your child gets practice via a mock exam. This helps to provide a realistic environment for your child to get use to doing the exam. Past papers are also a great source of information to identify common themes and recurring questions.

It is best to start preparing your child about twelve to fourteen months before they sit the exams as this gives enough time for them to build the right skills and have three or four months of practice and testing before the real exam.

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