10 Successful Tips for Effective 11 Plus Revision

10 Successful Tips for Effective 11 Plus Revision

1) Make sure your child knows that the 11 plus papers is not the only thing that matters and that whilst its something that you are really working at, it’s not the end of the world if they don’t pass.

2) Allow your child frequent short breaks to keep them focused.

3) Cover the subject/topics that your child is least confident with most frequently but remember to also practice those that they are more confident with to boost their self-esteem and ‘can do’ attitude.

4) As well active revision, practice Maths and English questions on this site through our 11 plus resources and encourage your child to develop problem-solving skills.

5) Try and practice in different places so that your child gets used to attempt the questions in unfamiliar surroundings such as a local library to help them to focus on a new environment.

6) Make sure you encourage your child to practice 11 plus past paper under exam conditions which will help your child to work on the speed by which he/she answers as every minute/mark counts.

7) If possible, try and practice at the same time of the day as the actual test will be set so that your child gets used to working at the right time of day.

8) Plenty of exercises and nutritious food is a must to keep their brains in good working order.

9) Build in lots of rewards (but avoid sugary treats).

10) Allow your child lots of opportunities to talk through anything that is worrying them about their revision the test and offer lots of calm reassurance.

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