Mock Exams — Reducing the Risk of Exam Failure

Mock Exams — Reducing the Risk of Exam Failure

Even the mention of ‘exams’ is enough to make a child feel nauseous. The pressure that is being felt from every side often becomes too much to handle, which results in the child performing lowly. The high expectations felt from the parents as well as the teachers, and the child’s own expectations often accumulate to become a source of a significant amount of stress for the child. This is why boosting confidence and feeling completely prepared for an exam is critical every time the exam season peeks around the corner.

One way to ensure that a child does not undergo any kind of a failure in exams is by giving mock exams. Mock exams are just that- exams that are held before the actual exam and cover the same topics that will be included in the final exam.

After successfully completing the learning and reviewing phases that are an important part of exam preparation, instead of directly going to give the exam, it is better to first complete a mock exam to see where a child actually stands.

A mock exam is the perfect way to assess where a child actually stands, as compared to their own understanding of their level of preparedness. After completing mock exams, a child can then work on the mistakes made and rectify them so as to not repeat them in the actual exam.

Mock exams are the best way to avoid losing unnecessary marks and increasing the overall score. They decrease the chances of performing inadequately and increase the chances of achieving greater success.

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